A Paradigm Shift in Aesthetic Treatments- A Review

A Paradigm Shift in Aesthetic Treatments- A Review
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The skin care industry in India is booming at a CAGR of 16.4% and is estimated to grow more than double by 2021. The market data depicts that the annual growth of the beauty and cosmetic sector is more than US and Europe and is predicted to remain stable between 15-20%. The number of cosmetic treatments are also growing at approximately 5%. The spa and salon industry is not far behind and is emerging like a storm with an estimated growth of $772 million in the coming years. The data clearly reflects the overwhelming growth of the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Advanced skin care treatments and cosmetic surgeries are creating a sudden hype amongst people like never before. While the simple home remedies and herbal treatments for skin care are still popular, people are switching on to technologically advanced cosmetic procedures and surgeries simply because of the fast results, low recovery time and amazing results. Some popular aesthetic treatments are Botox, Fillers (Juvederm/ Restylane), Chemical peels, Dermaroller, Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation etc.  Each procedure focus on a particular aspect of skin revitalization and combat problems like open skin pores, wrinkle removal, acne scar removal, and anti-ageing etc.

 Growth Factors

The medical aesthetics market is expanding and is expected to reach worth $12, 581.9 million by 2020. Based on various types of procedure, the aesthetic industry is differentiated into cosmetic procedures and reconstructive procedures which includes implants, laser resurfacing, and aesthetic ophthalmology. However, there are certain crucial factors that influence the growth of the market. The demand is generated on the basis of following –

  • Ample options of minimal or non-invasive surgical procedures
  • Cutting edge technology and advanced equipment
  • Stern safety regulations
  • Awareness & acceptance regarding the procedure
  • Less painful as compared to surgeries
  • Fast recovery after the treatment

Apart from these, transformation in the global beauty scenario, high spending power of the consumers, excessive marketing and promotion are other factors that influence people to switch on to complex aesthetic procedures.

Common Aesthetic Procedures

Botox: It is one of the popular treatment for wrinkle removal. Those who want to look and feel young can opt this aesthetic procedure and revamp their skin into a younger looking, wrinkle free skin. It is a great option if the person wants to look young.

Chemical peels: These peels instantly rejuvenates the skin by removing the upper layer of the skin by using a chemical solution with different PH levels depending upon the type of peel. There may be a superficial peel, medium depth peel or deep peel. All three of them have different effects. Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Fruit enzymes, TCA or Trichloroacetic acid etc. are used to treat problems like acne, pigmentation, eczema, dehydrated skin and rosacea etc.

Dermaroller: This treatment drastically improves your appearance by targeting acne, scars, pigmentation etc. The procedure includes a roller with medical grade needles which are rolled all over the face making small incisions. The new skin is more firm and soft and scar-free. The treatment is much subtle than laser procedure.

There are numerous procedures that are catching up to the aesthetic treatments. With innumerable options and treatment for almost every single beauty issue, it is quite obvious that these aesthetic treatments are here to stay.

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