Acne Treatment: Home Remedies Vs Laser Treatment

Acne Treatment: Home Remedies Vs Laser Treatment
Acne Laser vs naturall treatment

It is a general notion that teenagers, young women and people with oily skin tend to develop acne as compared to those with normal skin. Although true, this fact is incomplete till we say that other factors like lifestyle, hormonal changes, pollution, allergy to dirt & dust, overly active sebaceous glands contributes to this problem in a great way. In addition to women and youngsters, men also struggle with the problem of acne and scars left by the stubborn pimples.

We’ve heard from our ancestors that homemade remedies are the best solution to every skin problem. They have a sure shot formula to problems like pigmentation, dry skin, allergies, sun tan etc. However, no matter how effective these treatments are, there is always a doubt regarding the side effects and perfect implementation of the homemade face packs and masks. On one hand, homemade remedies and natural ingredients are catching up in the modern times because of their low cost, easy applications and high effectiveness, on the other hand, advanced technology and modern equipment is giving a tough competition to these with treatments like skin polishing, derma roller, chemical skin peels, body sculpting, radio frequency treatment and Botox etc.

Homemade Treatments for Acne

There is always a debate regarding the pros and cons of home remedies and the upcoming laser skin treatments. Acne being one of the stubborn skin problems require special attention. Some interesting and effective home remedies of acne include –

  • Regular Application of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • The wonder ingredient ‘Lemon’
  • Cinnamon, Honey Mask
  • Strawberry & Honey face pack
  • Papaya Paste
  • Fresh Aloe Vera Gel
  • Oatmeal Scrub

There are numerous ingredients that can drastically improve the problem of acne with continuous application at regular intervals. Although, the treatment is beneficial in the long run, the results are not immediate. The entire process of collecting the ingredients, preparing the face pack and applying it carefully is a bit of hassle. Since, these home remedies are implemented without any consultation from doctors, they might cause irritation to the skin and lead to skin allergy or further breakouts. Since the skin of every person is different & react differently to ingredients, one can never be sure of the home made remedies until you have used it previously.

Laser Treatment For Acne

The medical science has gone way beyond expectation in terms of cutting edge technology and treatments that assure positive results. Combating acne is an easy task with the new laser treatment which takes only 30-60 minutes. Almost 4-6 sessions are required to completely cure acne and remove acne scars from the face. There are no risks or complications in the procedure and unlike homemade remedies, the effect lasts for a lifetime. The USP of the laser acne treatment includes-

  • Painless procedure
  • Control acne breakouts in the future
  • No Side effects
  • Visible results after each session
  • Fast recovery

Since, laser treatment and homemade remedies have their own positive and negative aspects. Laser treatment is required only when the acne problem has become severe and is not reacting to the homemade remedies and prescribed medications. Both solutions are effective if used under proper guidance. It is always suggested consulting the best dermatologists in Delhi to receive opinion that affect you positively in the long run.

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