Are You Making These Acne Scar Mistakes?

Are You Making These Acne Scar Mistakes?
acne scars treatment at isaac

Acne scars are spots or marks that occur after you pop a pimple. Now all acnes lead to acne scars, they tend to trouble you only if you do not take care of them when they start to pop up. There are some no-nos when it comes to acne scar treatment, and surprisingly, most of the people tend to do it. So know where you are going wrong with ISAAC, and get the right treatment for acne scars.

  • Neglecting the Scars

 People often tend to neglect their acne scars, assuming that they will go soon- on their own. Ignorance is not always a bliss, and if not taken care of from the beginning, the scars can get stubborn. You must always consult a professional before applying anything on your face. Because let’s face it, if you have excessive acne and acne scars, your skin is most likely to be oily and is most likely to have scars.

  • Skin Products Overdose

People often use too many products at the same time thinking that their acne scar would go and it will be treated. However, using multiple products at the same time will do nothing but will affect your skin the long run. Considering the fact that every skin product has some chemical or the other, they mix and burn your skin to make the acne scar worse. You must go to the best dermatologist in Delhi and apply the product suggested by them.

  • Consultation Delay

There are a lot of acne scar treatment creams and gels available in the market, but they are not remove the scar completely. The permanent solution is of-course laser treatment or even dermaroller for that matter. When you go for the consultation, the best dermatologist in Delhi will explain you about the various options good for your skin, and you can choose the one you want to go for.

At ISAAC, we provide you the right treatment for acne and acne scars to make sure that you get rid of the  acne and acne scars in no time.

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