Banish Stubborn Stretch Marks with Laser

Banish Stubborn Stretch Marks with Laser

Laser treatment is one of the most versatile procedures used to heal various skin related issues. Laser treatment is gaining popularity because of its non-invasive nature, cost effectiveness, fast procedure, low recovery time and great results. Whether we talk about treatments for acne scars, hair removal, pore reduction and stretch marks removal, laser is an undefeated choice.

Stretch marks or Striae Distensea is a common problem among men and women. It is caused due to extreme weight loss or weight gain, after pregnancy, or due to weightlifting and stretching of the dermis (the middle layer of the skin that maintains elasticity). Stretch marks are a form of skin scaring caused due to the breakage of the connective fibers that break the production of collagen that causes scarring.

Stretch Marks- Main Causes

Women who’ve recently given birth are most likely to avail laser treatments for stretch marks removal. Apart from them, people who have stretch marks on the arms, buttocks, thighs, hips, abdominal area, lower back etc. opt for laser procedure to eliminate stretch marks. Various significant factors that can cause stretch marks are as follows-

  • Genetics: Most women develop stretch marks after pregnancy as a result of the genetic factor.
  • Puberty:  Growth spurts in men and women results in a fluctuating weight. Hence, the stretching in the skin due to a sudden weight gain and weight loss causes stretch marks.
  • Corticosteroids: A regular intake ofcorticosteroids can result in stretch marks.
  • Ethnicity: Various studies suggest that people with darker skin tone are less likely to develop stretch marks as compared to fair skinned people.
  • Post Pregnancy: One in three women develop stretch marks after pregnancy since the skin stretches up to its limit, there are white colored marks on the body especially in the abdominal area.

Laser Treatment- A Solution

The laser treatment help remove these scars effectively in no time. The laser procedure is simple, fast, effective and doesn’t have any side effects. In the procedure, a laser beam is used over the problem area that removes the skin around the stretch marks. Among all, excimer laser is highly effective as it uses the UV laser light that breakdown the molecular bond which leads to a process known as ablation. The healing process takes at least a week. This will result in the formation of new layer of skin which is free from any marks. The patients should be prepared for a swollen, painful area; there may be a persistent burning sensation which will go away in few days.

The laser treatment is highly effective in most cases depending upon the age of the stretch marks, extent of the problem and sensitivity of the skin. The older, stubborn stretch marks might not go away completely but lightens to a great extent, on the other hand, fresh stretch marks can be eliminated completely with this treatment. The laser treatment is

Less invasive & painless

-Has low recovery time

-Takes only 30-45 min

-Only 6-8 sessions required

-No risks involved

-Works on all skin types

Noticeable changes can be seen after the first session itself. Since, laser treatment requires an expert hand to carefully handle the case, it is suggested that only professionally qualified doctors should be approached.

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