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After a certain age, the decrease in hydration and elastine leads to dryness, lack of sexual sensation and pain. These symptoms are also seen in some after pregnancy and labor, and women often face bladder leakage, which causes further discomfort. Women often ignored these problems in the past, but the solution for the same is now here. Women can eliminate of these problems now with a quick pain free treatment. Femi lift is the new technology that treats vaginal laxity and urine inconvenience. It is a non invasive procedure, and there is no pain or recovery time involved.

The treatment is extremely safe, and doesn’t involve any pain at all. The delivery of the treatment is quick and has no downtime. One can get back to their normal lifestyle immediately after the treatment. The treatment just takes around 30-45 minutes, and you can feel the youth in no time.

At ISAAC, we understand your condition before we start the treatment procedure. There are a lot of women who are skeptical about the treatment, and we have a proper consultation for them, so that they can understand the treatment better and be confident about it.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
30 minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
1 Month
Sessions Required
Full Recovery
48 Hrs
2 Months