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Non-Surgical Breast Lift

As you being to age, your breast begins to sag, just like your skin. Non surgical breast lift is the best possible treatment for this, as it will lift the breast, making them firmer and younger.

People usually get the breast lift treatment done if they have different sized breasts, lack firmness or if the nipples point downwards. Age factor is one of the main reasons for the same. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and pregnancy can be some other reasons why women might need breast lift treatment.

At ISAAC, we understand your requirement and examine your breast before suggesting you the treatment plan. We explain you about the entire treatment when you come for the consultation, and help you get the firmer, lifted breast you have been longing to have.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
30 – 45 Minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
15 Days
Sessions Required
4 – 6
Full Recovery
2 Months