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Tummy Tightening

Tummy tuck is a process which is designed in such a way, that your abdomen becomes smoother and firmer. This leads to a slimmer, trimmer tummy. You might have a saggy stomach fat because of pregnancy or weight loss. The abdomen muscles are tightened up and it also eliminates stretch marks located below the navel area.

Tummy tightening procedure is different for different people, and it varies depending on every person’s individual needs. This treatment is done with a small laser fiber, and doesn’t leave any prominent lifelong scar. It doesn’t leave loose skin either, and gives you the tight perfect curves you have always wanted. Laser tummy tightening can reach the areas and remove the fat the traditional liposuction cannot. After the treatment, you get the smoother, tighter tummy with minimal recovery time. After the treatment, you might be in pain for a while, but the pain will go in a few days. There are certain instructions the cosmetologist will give you before and after the treatment. The diet chart is also made by them and you are supposed to follow it for a while in order to get the best results.


At ISAAC, we have the best machines and expert doctors that make your treatment successful. We make sure you have minimal discomfort and you get the best results.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
60 Minutes
Gap Between Sessions
10 – 14 Days
Sessions Required
6 – 8
Full Recovery