Combat Pigmentation in 5 Easy Steps

Combat Pigmentation in 5 Easy Steps

Are you concerned about your uneven skin tone? Do you feel clueless about excessive pigmentation on your skin despite maintaining a healthy diet? Before answering these questions, it is important to understand the concept of pigmentation. There are two types of skin pigmentation- Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation. Hypopigmentation results in lightening of skin tone as compared to the nearby skin area whereas hyperpigmentation darkens the skin because of excessive production of skin pigment—melanin. Although, it is one of the most common skin problems among women, it takes a lot of time, efforts and precautions to combat the issue of pigmentation. Here’s how you can control skin pigmentation by following some simple steps

  • Sunscreen-Your Savior

One of the common reasons of skin pigmentation is over exposure to skin. The harmful UV rays drastically affect the health of the skin causing skin burn and skin tan. A sun blocking cream with SPF 30 is ideal for all skin types. It is also advised that one should not go out in the sun especially between 10 am to 4 pm. Cover your face while going out in the sun and wear hat and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes.

  • Banish heat for beautiful skin

It’s not just UV rays but heat from various products and systems that harm your sensitive skin. Heat released from your laptop, music system, burns from warm water while bathing and thermal radiations can cause pigmentation. Hence, make sure to be cautious while using these instruments. Do not place laptop directly on your thighs, always use laptop table while working. Always check the temperature of water before bathing.

  • Control stubborn acne marks/injury marks

Inflammation due to acne can leave serious marks on the skin leading to discoloration called PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). Mostly observed in people with darker skin tones, PIH is also called acquired melanosis. Consult your doctor to find out the real cause of acne and pigmentation. Certain home remedies like applying lemon, tomato and honey can bring about a drastic makeover to your skin.

  • Keep a check on prescribed medications and pills

Birth control pills, antimalarial & chemotherapy drugs, hormonal replacement therapy leads to hyperpigmentation. Consult a dermatologist on the first sign of pigmentation.

  • Adopt yoga & meditation to control stress

Emotional stress has been found to negatively impact the melanin production in the body. Hence, causing pigmentation. Yoga, meditation and other exercises help relax your muscles, improves blood circulation and cleanse your mind from all the stress and worries. Inculcate yoga or any other form of exercises in your daily life and see the difference in the health of your skin.

Various home remedies like applying cocoa butter, antioxidants in Vitamin C, honey and papaya are highly effective in combating skin pigmentation. By following the golden rule of cleaning, toning and moisturizing, you can reverse the negative impact of skin pigmentation.

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