Face Lift

Face Lift

The facial muscles tend to loosen up and the skin becomes less elastic which leads to lines and folds on the skin. It makes the skin look old and dull. Face lift treatment is the best solution to get rid of the sagging and wrinkled skin. Facelift is not necessarily for the entire face, it can be performed on targeted areas like brow, jaw, neck etc.

Facelift can be surgical and non surgical. In case of surgical facelift, a cut is made in required spot, and then the skin is separated from the underlying tissues. The excess fat is then removed from the skin, which tightens the skin. The muscles around the tissues are also tightened in order to make the skin wrinkle free. The skin is then lifted, and the put back from where it was surgically removed. The excess skin is trimmed off, and is stitched back.

You can resume back to your original lifestyle in 2-3 weeks.  The skin becomes a little rough and dry for a few months, but it gets back to normal soon, with a new younger feel. The effect of the surgical method can last for 7-10 years. You will experience the best results if you maintain a stable body weight and take care of your skin.  Smoking and drinking is also supposed to be controlled after getting the surgical facelift, to make sure the results last for a longer duration.

At ISAAC, we make sure you have a good facelift experience and cut the age off your face. Our consultation includes telling you the entire procedure and making you understand about it before you go for it. We help you to shorten your recovery period as well, by guiding you through well.

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