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Anti Wrinkle Injection

Anti Wrinkle Injection is one of the most common treatments for anti aging. It’s a safe and quick way to make you look younger. It can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles in no time, with a simple Anti Wrinkle Injection which is injected to the muscles. Anti Wrinkle Injection has no recovery time, and since it’s a non surgical method, it is very popular among the people as well.

Features of Anti Wrinkle Injection:

  • Natural process, because it contains pure protein.
  • Doesn’t harm the skin in any way.
  • Little or no recovery time.


  • One session takes upto 30-45 minutes
  • You can see the perfect results of Anti Wrinkle Injection within 7-15 days.
  • The effect of the treatment lasts for 6 months
  • Best for Forehead Lines, Crows feet, Hyperhydrosis, Frown Lines

You might feel small bumps on the places where the injections were given, but that too, for just a couple of hours. In some cases, you might see a bruise, but that doesn’t affect the skin or the effect of Anti Wrinkle Injection in any way.

There are certain conditions when you are suggested not to go for Anti Wrinkle Injection. There are people who are to Anti Wrinkle Injection, or any of the ingredients in the Anti Wrinkle Injection for that matter. Before you decide to get the Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment done, you must check with a dermatologist for the right amount and whether it is good for you or not. Anti Wrinkle Injection doesn’t work on all types of wrinkles, and it only works on those that are made by the contraction of the muscles. The dose of the Anti Wrinkle Injection is also decided after seeing the condition of the skin. At ISAAC LUXE, we take care of all these things before suggesting Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatment to the patients. There are a lot of other anti aging treatments that can be used in case someone is to Anti Wrinkle Injection.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
15 – 30 Minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
Single Session Treatment
Sessions Required
Single Session Treatment
Local Anaesthetics
Full Recovery