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In case of the MesoBotox treatment, small quantities of extremely diluted Botox is injected to the layers of the skin, in order to get the desired results. Special Meso needles are used in this process, and the substance is injected into the skin. It can be used to treat the open pores, fine lines, or even wrinkling of skin because of aging. Once the MesoBotox is given, the oil production and sweat is decreased, which makes the skin look shiny.

Features of MesoBotox:

  • No recovery time.
  • Gives you the natural youthful skin in no time
  • Gives the best results
  • No side effects


  • Results last for 3-4 months
  • One session is enough
  • The procedure takes 30-45 minutes

Before the treatment, numbing cream is applied on the skin in order to make the procedure painless. In order to maintain the effects of the treatment, you must get the treatment done every 6 months.

The face feels and looks lifted and wrinkle less soon after getting the treatment done. Considering the fact that it’s safe and effective, a lot of people are going for MesoBotox these days.

At ISAAC LUXE, we go through the skin condition and medical background of the patient before starting the treatment. We explain you about the process, and then start the procedure, to get your younger skin back.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
15 – 30 Minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
Single Session Treatment
Sessions Required
Single Session Treatment
Local Anaesthetics
Full Recovery