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Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lift is the non invasive cosmetic procedure, which helps in lifting the sagging skin on the neck and face. This is done by using surgical threads. A small incision is made in the primary location where you need to get the thread lift done. A thread needle is inserted in order to lift the tissue and suspend it with the thread. The threads lift the specific areas and promote collagen formation. This gives you the tight, wrinkle free skin you have always hoped for. There are two thread lift techniques that are used, i.e. open and closed. The technique and the number of threads will be chosen depending upon your requirement. Local anesthesia or anti anxiety medicines are given before the treatment.

Benefits of Non Surgical Face Lift:

  • Gives you a youthful skin in no time.
  • The process is of about an hour, and the results can be seen soon after the treatment.
  • There is no recovery time at all, and you can resume back to your original lifestyle soon after the treatment.

Before you get the treatment done, you must check with your dermatologist and discuss about the problem areas and where all you need to get the facelift done. At ISAAC LUXE, we understand your requirement and analyze your skin before giving any suggestions.