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Lactic Peel

Lactic peel is one of the best chemical peels for those who have sensitive skin. As the name suggests, lactic acid peels are derived from milk, and is very good for the skin. There is no recovery time after getting the lactic peel treatment, and helps in reducing acne, wrinkles and even discoloration of the skin. The tone and condition of the skin is also improved in the long run. The results of the peel are long lasting, and with the multiple benefits it has to offer, lactic peels are getting really popular these days.

During this procedure, local anesthesia or pain relief pill is given so that there is no discomfort. The concerned area is then cleaned properly before applying the layers of lactic acid on the skin. The time for which the peel is left on the skin depends entirely on the skin condition. It’s a onetime treatment, and can be done within 60 minutes. You can also get back to your original lifestyle soon after getting the treatment done.

Once you get the treatment done, you must follow some after care instructions, in order to get the best results. Balanced soap must be applied, in order to keep the skin moisturized. This promotes healing of the skin, and gives better result. In order to avoid hyper pigmentation or dyspigmentation, you must apply sun block before stepping out.  Depending upon your skin condition, you might be given some vitamin creams in order to enhance the results.

At ISAAC LUXE, we check the skin condition before we determine the time for which the peel is to be left on the skin. We make sure you get the best results and eliminate of your skin problems in the given time.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
30 minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
15-20 Days
Sessions Required
Full Recovery
2-3 Months