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Melasma is a condition in which patches of hyperpigmentation is seen on the face. It is usually triggered when the female sex hormone arouse, and produces melanin in surplus. This happens because of excessive skin exposure as well. People with a darker skin tone usually have melasma as their skin have more pigment producing cells. There are several treatments, like chemical peel, microdermabrasion and laser treatment to eliminate of melasma.

Benefits of laser treatment for Melasma:

  • Most effective
  • Clear, smooth and polished skin post treatment
  • Painless

The condition of your skin plays an important role in determining the number of sittings and treatment plan. The recovery from the treatment usually involves only staying away from the sun and moisturizing your skin regularly. You must also apply sun block whenever you step out in the sun to avoid any further damage to the skin.

The melasma treatment might take a few weeks to show complete results, so you must ensure that you are patient, and take good care of your skin during the treatment. The treatment is actually painless, however, there might be slight discomfort on the treated area, but that will go soon. Melasma treatment is not long lasting, and it might reoccur because of hormonal imbalance and constant sun exposure.

At ISAAC LUXE, we check the condition of the skin during the consultation and then determine the treatment plan for the same. The number of sessions is decided and the treatment plan is given. We make sure you eliminate of the melasma in the given time and get the flawless skin in no time.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
30 minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
15 – 20 Days
Sessions Required
4 – 6
Full Recovery
2-3 Months