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Sun and Age Spots

After a certain age, your skin usually develops brown patches on the skin. Sun spots, age spots and other pigmented lesions can be seen after a certain age, which makes the skin looks dull and old. Laser treatment is the best way to treat these lesions as it’s quick and long lasting.


  • One session takes 30-45 minutes
  • Requires 1-2 sessions
  • Requires post treatment care
  • The effects of the treatment depends on many factors

The skin condition plays an important role in determining the treatment plan. There are times local anesthesia is given to the patients in order to avoid discomfort. Most of the people do not even need anesthesia, and they are given ice pack to soothe the skin. Usually these conditions are gone in one session only, but depending upon the skin condition, it might take multiple sessions.

After you get the treatment done, your skin might look reddish or pale, and might even swell a little. Applying ice pack can make you feel better, but the lesions will go, and you will see the difference soon after getting the treatment. The age and sun spots will go within a week or so completely, giving you clear, younger looking skin. You must protect your skin from the sun, after getting the treatment done, and apply sun block whenever you step out. Sun exposure after the treatment can again lead to sun and age spots, nullifying the effect of the treatment.

At ISAAC LUXE, we examine your lesions, and then suggest you the treatment plan accordingly. The number of sessions completely depends upon the condition of the skin, and what you expect from your skin. We guide you through the pre and post treatment care so that you get the best results.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
45 Minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
30 Days
Sessions Required
3 – 4
Full Recovery
2-3 Months