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Wart Removal

A wart is a small painless growth on the skin, which develops because of viral infection. It is caused because of the HPV virus, and is usually seen on the palms, soles and below the nails. It can however, be seen at any part of the body. They spread through direct contact and can be transmitted from one person to another. They can also be transmitted by using clothes/towels of someone who has warts. Genital warts are transmitted by sexual intercourse.

Warts tend to spread in the body and they should be treated at the earliest.

Some common ways to remove warts:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Laser treatment

The location and the mode of contact play an important role in determining the treatment method.  The warts can also recur even after the complete removal, because of the small seeds it leaves on the skin. Since these seeds are invisible to the naked eye, people do not realize it might come back. You must be cautious for a few months after the removal and look out for an upcoming wart.


  • One session takes 45-60 minutes
  • Number of sessions required are upto 2 depending on your condition
  • The effects lasts for a lifetime

At ISAAC, we check the condition of your wart, source of the virus and then suggest the treatment method accordingly. While some warts can be treated with medication, there are some that need more serious treatment. At ISAAC, we take care of it and suggest the right treatment.