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Skin aging that is caused by sun exposure, blemishes and even excessive pigmentation for that matter. Cosmelan treatment removes the blemishes from the skin, and it also tends to be really safe as well. The process of the Cosmelan treatment can be customized as per the requirement and skin condition of the individual.

When you get the Cosmelan treatment done, you can expect all types of melasma to go after the treatment is complete. It has a rapid effect and can also help you eliminate of hyperpigmentation. You can see noticeable effects soon after the first treatment, but the actual results can be seen only after a week after the treatment. The blemish seems to go and new rejuvenated skin tends to appear. There are some precautions you must take before and after the treatment. Two weeks before the treatment, you must stop applying glycolic acid on your skin. You must follow the treatment plan given by your dermatologist, or the results might not be as good as they were supposed to be. You must not combine the Cosmelan treatment with any other pigmentation treatment, as it might nullify the effect of both of them. After the treatment, the skin tends to become red and extremely sensitive. You have to make sure you stay away from the sun and apply a sun block whenever you step out.

At ISAAC LUXE, we give you all the necessary instructions before you plan to go for the treatment. It’s important for you to understand the do’s and don’ts before and after the treatment in order to get the best results.

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
45 Minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
1 Month
Sessions Required
3 – 4
Full Recovery