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Lip Augmentation

The lips and the eyes enhance facial beauty. If you think that your lips are too thin, too big, or you want them to be better proportioned, you are not alone.

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to create fuller lips, also resulting in the reduction of any fine wrinkles around the mouth. There are several methods of increasing lip volume including fat grafting, silicon implants, dermal fillers and specialised lip threads. At ISAAC LUXE our doctors are specialise in dermal filler for lip augmentation they work to change the appearance of your lips and change their size, shape, or fullness.

Rejuvenating the lips with fillers, commonly known as hyaluronic acid (HA), is a popular procedure but requires expertise. Gentle hand, use of advance injecting technique and attention to detail is paramount to perform a successful lip augmentation procedure and deliver natural looking results. Lip Augmentation procedure with dermal fillers takes approximately 15 to 30 minute and is performed under local anaesthesia using extremely small needles.

The result of lip fillers treatment last from 6 months to 12 months depending upon the type and amount of dermal filler used. There are several factors that may also affect the longevity of treatment including patient’s individual metabolism and his or her life style (smoking, physical activity level, diet etc)

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
30 minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
Single Session Treatment
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Single Session Treatment
Local Anaesthetics
Full Recovery
24 Hrs *