Facelift Aftercare: Are you doing it right?

Facelift Aftercare: Are you doing it right?
Facelift Aftercare

Facelift is getting really popular these days, though it doesn’t have any downtime involved, there are some aftercare procedures that are to be followed. If the necessary precautions are not taken, then you are most likely to face a lot of discomfort soon after your surgery. The best dermatologist in Delhi NCR suggest some aftercare tips which one must follow –

Jaw Activities: You must limit your jaw activities after facelift treatment in Delhi NCR. Continuous chewing and excessive talking must be avoided. You must also say no to tobacco for at least a week. The liquid intake should be increased and a soft diet is usually recommended after the first week of facelift.

Attendant : After a facelift, usually people tend to be a little dizzy because of the anesthesia. 24 hours after the facelift, you must have an attendant along with you to ensure that someone is there if the anesthesia effect increases. You must not drive after your surgery at all.

Post Treatment Follow up : Once you get the facelift done, it doesn’t mean that you are totally done with it and you no longer need to get in touch with your dermatologist. You must go for regular follow ups to check with the status of the recovery. The best dermatologist in Delhi NCR can tell you if your eye condition is fine or not. You must get in touch with your dermatologist the minute you feel any pain, swelling or fever. Any side effects should not be ignored.

Use Ice Packs : You must put ice packs on your face for 48 to 72 hours for at least 20 minutes. This helps in removing/controlling the bruising after the surgery. The best dermatologist in delhi would recommend you to use the ice pack regularly for better results and recovery.

Avoid Cosmetics : After getting the facelift treatment done, you must avoid any chemicals or cosmetics on your skin. In fact you must also make sure you use a mild shampoo as directed by the best cosmetologist in Delhi NCR

At ISAAC, we make sure that we give you the right aftercare treatment to help you recover faster.

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