Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

45-60 minutes

Back To Work

Best For

Forhead Lines, Crows feet, Hyperhydrosis, Frown Lines.

Duration Of Results

Up to 2 years.

Session Required

1 Session.

Risks & Complications

Redness on the treatment area for some hours.

As we age, our faces lose subcutaneous fat. This is visible in the form of smile lines and winkles on the surface. With results that last up to 6 quarters, fillers are an economically viable option for people looking for long-lasting vibrant and youthful skin.

This treatment requires a single session of 40-60 minutes. Fillers are best suited for deep lines, wrinkles, lip augmentation and nasolabial fold. Before treatment, our team of specialists will check you for allergies.

After you book an appointment with us, we conduct a thorough analysis of your skin type and problem and inform you about all the procedures available to you. Further, at ISAAC, we carefully design your care package, which instructs you in all the steps you’d have to take both pre-and post-treatment.

Features of Fillers

  • No preparation for treatment required.
  • The skin is tested and the condition is checked before deciding the dose of fillers to be given.
  • The results can be seen immediately, and a person can go on with their normal lifestyle soon after the treatment.



  • One session takes 45-60 minutes
  • Requires only one sitting
  • The effects last up to 6 quaters
  • Best for  Deep Lines and Wrinkles, Lip Augmentation, Nasolabial Fold

You need to know all about fillers prior treatment, in order to be mentally satisfied. Before the treatment, your dermatologist will apply a cream to make the skin numb, and the injections are then given.

There are some people who might be allergic to fillers, and have reactions, bumps etc on the skin after the treatment. If the treatment is not done properly, the skin cells may die, making it difficult for one to make expressions. The treatment must always be done by an expert, so that the side effects can be avoided. In case you are confused, then your dermatologist can give you the pros and cons of the treatment, and suggest you alternatives, if needed. At ISAAC, we guide our patients properly so that they can make their decision. The skin and health of the person is tested before starting the treatment.

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