Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant or PRP treatment is not the only solution to hair loss. Medical therapy can also cure hair loss in a lot of cases, in which the condition is not that adverse. In case the hair loss is because of hormonal disorders or nutritional deficiencies, it can easily be cured by medicines. You must get yourself checked when you notice sudden and extreme hair loss. The hair loss can be controlled if it’s taken care of on time.


Depending on the condition of your hair, and your medical history, you are usually given oral medicines. Creams and gels also might be some other medicines the dermatologist might offer. The gels/creams are applied on the scalp in order stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. There might be some side effects like itching, pain, redness or even blisters for that matter.  You might even see hair growth on other parts of your body, but that goes with time, and is only there for the time being. Nevertheless, you must keep your dermatologist informed about this, and then continue your medication.


The reason of the hair loss is assessed when you come for the consultation at ISAAC, and then the treatment plan is suggested. If the condition is under control, the hair transplant is not needed at all. We make sure we suggest you the most effective method for your hair loss problem.

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