Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

6-8 hours

Back To Work

Best For

Hair Regrowth

Duration Of Results


Session Required

1-2 Session

Risks & Complications

Swelling on face for some time

There are a lot of reasons that might lead to hair fall, hormonal problems, aging and hereditary problems might be some of them. Irrespective of what the reason is, if not treated on time, it can cause baldness. This often takes away the confidence of the people and makes them look old as well. Hair transplant is the best possible treatment to get the hair back. This is a long lasting solution to hair loss, and they also makes your hair look natural.

Hair Transplant Procedure

In this procedure, the bald resistant hair follicles are taken out from the back of the head, and are placed on the balding areas at the top of the head. The follicles are taken out from the back of the head because they are resistant to baldness. The pain involved in this treatment is minimal, and anesthesia is given in order to make sure that the patient doesn’t feel the pain. You must also be prepared of the fact that the hair will start to grow only after 3-5 months after the surgery. The transplanted hair tends to grow fully after one year, and they will become fully mature. There are some after treatment instructions that are given as well. You are not supposed to scratch your hair for some time, and even apply the shampoo and products as directed by the doctor.

At ISAAC, we check the condition of your scalp and then give you the treatment plan and timeline accordingly. We help you with your after care treatments as well and give you the rich hair in no time.

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