Laser Hair Removal : Aftercare

Laser Hair Removal : Aftercare
Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming very popular these days, as people do not have time to wax or shave on a regular basis. Laser hair removal in Delhi calls for some after care as well, which most of the people end up missing. This affects the hair follicles and might counter on the treatment as well. You must follow these following aftercare tips to make the treatment most effective :

Sun Protect

After you get the laser hair removal treatment done, you have to protect your skin from the sun at all times. The skin becomes vulnerable to darkening after the laser treatment.  Before stepping out in the sun, you must apply sun block and cover yourself with a scarf or a hat.

Apply Ice Pack

Despite laser hair removal being an non-invasive treatment, there are people who feel the pain and discomfort soon after it’s done. Rashes and swelling is the most common after laser hair removal. You are recommended to apply an icepack on the treated area by the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Avoid waxing or tweezing

Laser hair removal requires multiple sittings, and you are most likely to have some growth between the two sessions. You must avoid waxing or tweezing between the treatments as the roots might get affected and laser hair removal might not be successful.

No Make-up

You must make sure that your skin breathes after the treatment. This is the sole reason why the best hair removal dermatologist in Delhi recommends you to avoid makeup so that the treatment can be more effective.


One week after your treatment, you must scrub your skin. This ensures faster hair fall out and even keeps your skin smooth.

Numbing Creams

The best hair removal clinic in Gurgaon uses numbing creams before the treatment to make the process painless. You are also advised to apply numbing creams as an after care procedure.

At ISAAC, we make your laser hair reduction experience a good one. We provide you with all after care procedures and instruct you right so that you get the smooth hairless skin with no downtime.

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