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Fat Freeze

Stubborn fat that just wouldn’t go is the one of the worst nightmares one can have. The only solution to it is not liposuction or gym. Fat Freeze Treatment is a new technology that works on the targeted areas in order to remove the fat. It removes the fat cells from the body naturally with the help of lymphatic system. Since its a non invasive procedure, needles or scalpel isn’t used and it completely pain free. This treatment freezes the cells and kills them long lasting. It can remove the fat from belly, back, abdomen and thighs. Fat Freeze Treatment is the exclusive machine we have at ISAAC LUXE, and we freeze the fat and help you shed that unwanted fat.

Benefits of Fat Freeze Treatment

  • Fat Reduction
  • Long Lasting

Summary Of Your Treatment
Duration Of Sessions
60 – 90 minutes estimated
Gap Between Sessions
60 Minutes
Sessions Required
2 – 4
Full Recovery
3-4 Weeks*