Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment

Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

45-90 minutes

Back To Work

Best For

All kind of scar

Duration Of Results

Results may differ from person to person

Session Required

2-4 Session

Risks & Complications

Redness on the treatment area for some hours

Many of us have a scar that we would like removed. Scars can be caused from a surgical operation, acne, skin grafting or from an injury to the skin. These scars can be effectively treated reducing redness and their appearance using a range of Skin treatments like needling. chemical peels, silicon gels or surgical treatments. However, its ease, precision and efficiency makes laser scar removal the most popular and preferred treatment.

Laser scar removal uses precise, directed light beams to decrease the size of scars, smooth scars, and to turn red raised lumpy scars into more cosmetically acceptable fine white scars. Laser scar removal treatments work by building new healthy smooth collagen to replace excess, disorganized lumpy collagen in scars.

This treatment works well on any skin tone and type. One sitting takes 45-90 minutes and on average the treatment requires 2-4 sessions.

During your consultation at ISAAC we will assess the skin condition and plan a customized treatment chart that will offer you the best results to suit your needs. Further, you will be given a carefully designed care package, which instructs you in all the steps you would have to take both pre- and post-treatment to derive maximum benefit.

Features of Scar treatment:

  • Safe and effective
  • No post treatment recovery time


  • One sitting takes 45-90 minutes
  • Requires 2-4 sessions
  • The results last for a lifetime

The number of sessions and the time taken to see the results depends upon the reason and the condition of the scar. The treatment plan will be given to you after your initial consultation, to get the best results.

Laser scar treatment is pretty much safe and effective. Its helps you eliminate of the scars in no time. You must check with your dermatologist for the best laser treatment for your skin. You can resume back to your original lifestyle soon after getting the treatment done. The actual results are visible 4-6 weeks after getting the treatment done.

At ISAAC, we check the condition of the scar, and then provide you the proper treatment plan for the same. We have the best machines in order to help you eliminate of the scar to get the scar less clear skin in no time.

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