Skin Brightening Peel

Skin Brightening Peel

Skin Brightening Treatment is a process in which chemical substance is used in order to brighten the skin tone. The melanin concentration is decreased, which leads to lightening and brightening of the skin. The genetic makeup decides the melanin content of the skin, which makes your skin tone darker. Hormones, skin damage, exposure to certain types of chemical are another reason why the melanin content in your skin would be high. Skin darkening because of excessive sun exposure can fade over time, but in most of the conditions, they become more or less permanent, unless treated.

Benefits of Skin brightening

  • Evens out skin colour
  • Reduces stubborn and uneven pigmentation
  • Changes can be seen after first sitting
  • No after care precautions
  • No recovery time

At ISAAC, we check the skin condition, and determine the amount of lightening of skin tone you need. Depending on that, the treatment plan is given and followed.

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