Stem Cell Therapy- An Alternative to Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Therapy- An Alternative to Hair Transplant
Stem Cell Therapy- An Alternative to Hair Transplant

Issues related to hair are one of the predominant areas of concern among men and women. On an average, a person loses 50-80 strands of hair per day, however, if there is a drastic hair loss beyond this limit, one should consider it a matter of concern. Problems like hair loss, bald patches, thinning of hair, low volume etc. have opened up opportunities for various hair treatments and products that are highly effective to combat these problems. Stem cell therapy is an emerging procedure that has been gaining huge popularity amongst people because of its great results. Used to restore the strength of the hair, the stem cell procedure includes the use of unspecialized cells which are converted into specialized cells which are then injected into the scalp and aid in hair growth.

Unveiling The Treatment

The stem cell therapy is a very simple and fast procedure. In the procedure, the AAA cells are separated from the fatty tissues and made to undergo in-vitro culturing process. After the processing, they are injected into the pores of the scalp through a microscopic needle. The actual hair growth can be seen after 2-4 weeks. The procedure makes sure that the lost stem cell are replenished leading to the fullness of the bald patches. To be precise, our hair follicles have stem cells that starts delaying the hair regrowth once they are mature. The stem cell therapy provides new stem cell to initiate the process of the hair growth. These new stem cells send molecular signal to the follicular cells that triggers growth in the lifeless hair follicles.

Why You Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Highly effective in hair regeneration
  • Safe for both men & women
  • Therapy takes only 15-30 minutes
  • Drastic improvement in hair quality
  • No risks or complications
  • Fast, result oriented procedure

An Alternative To Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Therapy is a great alternative to hair transplant since, the growth of the hair follicles are triggered using body’s stem cell & hence, it’s a completely natural process and reduces the chances of any side effect or reaction. Depending upon the problem, some women might not require hair transplant as their problems include thinning of hair and not pattern baldness, therefore, stem cell procedure is ideal for them.

The treatment is easily available at various clinics and hospital across the country at reasonable cost. Consult the best doctors and gain information on the pros and cons of various treatments combating hair loss. Make an informed decision about the treatment and avail the benefits of the therapy in the best possible way. Apart from these procedures and treatments, you can also speed up your hair growth by taking a balanced, nutrition-rich diet in addition to taking good care of your hair by using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

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